Ground heat, solar energy and wood chip heating

The D4 Business Village Luzern has been well thought out ecologically. From the choice of materials to waste disposal to energy supply and water management, great importance has been set on the sustainable use of resources.

Use of ground heat source

The heart of our energy strategy is one of the largest geothermal seasonal thermal storage systems in Switzerland utilising ground source heat. For this, pipes have been set into boreholes drilled to a depth of 160 m in the bedrock. In a closed loop, water is warmed in the pipes and used for heating and cooling purposes.

Solar roof panels as a complement

Besides the seasonal heat storage system, the solar panel array is an important element in our energy strategy. With an area of 660 m2, it serves above all to replenish the heat storage during the summer months but also to provide warm water and heating.

Carbon-neutral wood chip burner heating system

A new carbon-neutral wood chip burner heating system. A carbon-neutral wood chip burner provides additional energy for heating and replaces the existing oil heating system. Thanks to this optimized and extensive energy system, the D4 Business Center now runs entirely on renewable energy.

Sustainable mobility with carpool

The D4 Business Village Lucerne cares for sustainable traffic. In addition to the trainstation, the D4 Business Village Lucerne collaborated with HitchHike to launch an offer to build carpools. Through carpools the carbon dioxide production can be easily reduced.