About us

Optimal conditions

Future-oriented domestic and foreign companies find optimal conditions in D4 Business Village Luzern. An attractive location in many aspects, modern architecture and a top infrastructure and a comprehensive service offering makes D4 Business Village Luzern the place where business is a pleasure.

D4 Business Village Luzern was founded in September 2003 with 22,500 m2 of office space and 100 employees. Today, in 2017, it is more than 53,000 m2 and has around 2,200 employees in over 100 companies. With the increasing number of companies, D4 Business Village Luzern is increasingly becoming the platform for the active transfer of know-how and technologies.

The next expansion is in the evaluation and development of D4 Business Village Luzern to one of the most significant Businesscenters in Switzerland with international reach and nothing stands in the way. As owner the Swiss National Accident Insurance Organisation Suva vouches for the professionalism and reliability.