Technopark® Luzern

Where Start-ups take off

One of the main tenants in the D4 Business Village in Lucerne is the Technopark® Luzern, which proactively supports the launch and development of start-ups. Successfully. Technopark® Luzern is already home to more than 30 start-ups.

Perfect conditions

Young companies, especially from the areas of technology and research, find the best conditions for an ideal start and long-term success in Technopark Lucerne. Apart from the premises and modern infrastructure, start-ups can take advantage of tailored coaching and benefit from easier access to investors, business partners, and other start-ups.

Successful partnership

The relationship between the Technopark® Luzern and the D4 Business Village is telling of the vision that both institutions share: the networking of science and the economy. The partnership is mutually beneficial.

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