LIFE Balance.
Only those who are completely feeling comfortable can perform at their best.

Life balance - everything for your wellbeing.

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High performance of employees, managerial staff and aspiring entrepreneurs depends on a healthy balance of body and soul. With today’s hectic pace of life, leisure time has become a crucial resource and is now more essential than ever before in order to facilitate your recovery. D4 makes a valuable contribution to your work-life balance through the facilities available on site – whether you prefer sport or activities focusing on relaxation, beauty or mental stimulation. The revitalising atmosphere and closeness to nature at the D4 Business Village Luzern provide nourishment for the soul.


At the D4 Business Village Luzern you will find bright and friendly workplaces but also an optimal and balanced range of sports and wellness facilities up to the fitness trail in the nearby woodland. The culinary diversity of the two public restaurants, the bilingual nursery and the variety of beauty & mind offers all your requirements and are very focused on the needs of our tenants, clients ond customers.

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D4 Reception

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Food & Beverage; Restaurant & Lounge FABIO and Restaurant & Bar Oasis.

The two restaurants are the hub of the D4 Business Village Luzern – the places where everyone meets. Be it for a snack, lunch or a light meal, the restaurants offers a varied range of menus and fresh delicacies. Regional specialities, crisp salads from the buffet and home-made desserts are a delight to the palate.The Oasis team can also serve a fullcourse meal in the light and airy conservatory for your exclusive business meal with clients. Both restaurants are also the right locations for functions of all kinds.    Read more

Fitness & Wellness; indoor & outdoor sports and wellness options.

Diffrent vendor offer at the D4 Business Village Luzern to train your body, mind and soul and to reconcile. From the gym to the climbing center and the yoga studio or to the massge, you will find everything you need in the D4 for a healthy work-life balnace. Also the team spirit can be encouraged in attracitv outdoor evens where the fun and adventure are guaranteed. Brain training you operate with the tap dance classes for all levels.The proximity to the forest and nature invites for strolling and jogging.    Read more

Beauty & Mind; allow time to stop and relax your body and soul.

At the D4 Business Village you can relax your mind and to do someting good for yourself by the Hair Designersor or on the nail salon. The different vendors serve in a modern, elegant ambiance and liberate you from daily stress.The qualified naturopath combines ancient Far Eastern knowledge with modern Western knowledge and specially treated protracted and chronic symptoms. The nutritionist looks for a healthy diet and your wellness weight. Gradually, you gain your desired weight and uncover unsuspected reserves of strength.    Read more