Leisure and landscape.
A lot of nature and culture to maximize quality of life.

Lucerne counts as one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. Historic landmarks like the Chapel Bridge and the Water Tower blend perfectly with modern buildings such as Lucerne’s Culture and Convention Center, a spectacular venue for conventions, concerts and exhibitions. In addition, there are many famous events such as the Lucerne Festival which has carried the reputation of Lucerne as a town of culture far beyond the borders of Switzerland.

Look at the countryside around D4

On the virtual tour you can view the countryside around D4 quite easily.
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Desirable living space.

The wide range of leisure and cultural activities as well as the beauty of the landscape and the town stand for a high quality of life and make Lucerne one of the most desirable regions to live and work in.

High recreational value.

The D4 Business Village Luzern is set at the center of incomparable countryside. The proximity to the idyllic Rotsee, the unique Lake of Lucerne and the Alps promise peace and relaxation. Besides that, the beautiful landscape tempts you to take part in a wide range of sports: hiking, cycling, swimming, rowing, or skiing provide a perfect balance to daily working life.