Child Care.
The Child & Nature Club are doubly worried about your child care.

At the Verein Kind & Natur (Child & Nature Club)

  • children can expect a caring, family-like atmosphere, friends of different ages and an environment where they can learn by playing.
  • children can enjoy bright, spacious and child-friendly furnished rooms in immediate proximity to the natural outdoor environment. 
  • the development and well-being of the child is central. 
  • children are cared for by qualified
    Montessori teachers and child care specialists. 
  • we speak German and English.

Opening times

The “Four Dimensions Day Care Centre for Children“  (VIDIKI) is open all day from 6.45 am to 7 pm on Mondays to Fridays. At cantonal holidays the daycare is closed, otherwise there is no company holidays.

VKN Vidiki
D4 Platz 5 
6039 Root Längenbold 
+41 41 455 23 33