Everything for your well-being.
To keep body, mind and soul in balance.

From an indoor climbing wall to a birchermuesli.

You can only sustain long-term high performance in your career if you feel really well. The well-being of employees is therefore of great interest for a company, economically speaking. In the D4 Business Village Luzern a comprehensive range of health and fitness services creates a counterweight to the often hectic workday and provides a healthy balance between work and leisure.   

. A gym, yoga, an indoor climbing wall and physiotherapy are all part of the D4 Business Village as well as a kinesiology natural healing practice, a hairdresser and a tap-dancing school. In  addition, the immediate surroundings of meadows and forests tempt you to go biking or jogging. And creature comforts are also catered for. The Oasis and Fabio Restaurants spoil their guests with delicacies from near and far.

Restaurant & Bar Oasis

At noon, guests can expect a varied lunch menu with meals and buffets - and repeatedly promotions such as curry weeks or specialties from the region.

Restaurant & Lounge Fabio

At lunchtime you can enjoy pizzas, homemade pastas and hot paninis. There is also a Weekly special, fresh salads and our favorite bakery range.

Nail bar

Popular detail care - fast or intensive care. Manicures, pedicures and cosmetic foot care are refreshing and an element of good grooming.


Arnet Hairdesign believes in the credo of the great Coco Chanel. Which is why we not only offer the usual services but also hair extensions and hair thickening.


Regular physical exercise strengthens body and mind and is fun. Exercise, feeling good and relaxation are the cornerstones of the Caesar’s Fitness philosophy.


Anyone who feels at one with their body will be better able to handle a high level of stress at work and enjoy their leisure time more intensively.

Yoga studio

Body, soul and spirit in harmony.Yoga has long become more than just a trend. The Indian discipline has established itself as saviour for body, soul and spirit.

Climbing centre

For anyone who wants to make it to the top. Strength, concentration and a sense of balance are at the heart of climbing and each serves to boost the others.

Tap dancing school

Dancing which is a mix of sport and music.Tap dancing has its origins in New York in the 1830s. Irish tap dance and jazz dance courses are also on offer.

Alternative medicine prctise

Kinesiology is the scientific study of movement and combines ancient Far Eastern knowledge with modern Western scientific findings.

Outdoor events

Employee, corporate and client events. A high level of performance in the office requires the occasional conscious time-out.

Jogging in the forest

Jogging is not only good for your stamina but also strengthens your spirit and relieves stress. The nearby forest provides the back-drop for regular running sessions.

Nutrition counselling

Achieve your ideal weight. Healthy, motivated people care for their bodies to ensure that their spirit wants to live in them.