Economic Development.
Many factors that favor the company's success.

Anyone who sets up a business in the D4 Business Village Luzern can look forward to straightforward dealings with the authorities and a great deal of business development assistance.

Business Development Lucerne as the point of contact.

The Business Development Lucerne team will support you with information about the business location, see you through your moving in, just like a one stop shop, and is the point of contact for resident companies who want to develop further.

Low taxes and Swiss quality of work.

The business-friendly climate is apparent in, amongst other things, low taxes and the fact that in Switzerland the average working week is 42 hours, which is longer than the EU average. In addition, when compared internationally, payroll-related costs are low, Swiss quality of work is appreciated worldwide, and employees are not only well-trained but also motivated.

Lots of brainpower – also in the future.

The proximity of various educational establishmensts simplifies the search for trained technology and business specialists. Of particular interest in this respect are the following training and continuing education institutes:

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts:

- School of Engineering and Architecture
- Business School
- School of Art and Design
- School of Social Work

University of Lucerne:

- faculties of theology and humanities

- Central Switzerland School of Transport + Administration, Lucerne

- Commercial College, Lucerne

- InnovationsTransfer Central Switzerland (ITZ) in Horw

- Academy for Teachers in Adult Education,  Lucerne (AEB)

- School of Journalism, Lucerne (MAZ)

- Swiss Hotel Management School, Lucerne (SHL)

- Technical Academy Esslingen, Sarnen