Advantage Switzerland.
Ideal as a business location -  and life focus.

In international comparisons, Switzerland has for years now occupied one of the top positions on the quality of life scale. This is no accident. A highly-developed infrastructure, exemplary health care, first class educational infrastructure, social stability, a rich cultural life and a beautiful landscape make Switzerland an attractive place to live.

High economic performance.

In surveys relating to competitiveness, Switzerland also regularly comes high up in the ranking. There are many reasons for this. One important factor is the liberal regulatory framework which supports the setting up of new companies and promotes the activities of existing companies. In addition, Switzerland is charachterized by a liberal employment law as well as a highly-qualified and motivated workforce. A further powerful competitiveness is the moderate tax burden when compared internationally.

EU as the most important market.

The close link with the EU is a significant pillar of the Swiss economy and forms the basis of efficient cooperation with Europe.

Productivity (GDP) per employee

Source: Business Development Geneva, International Comparisons 2002. IMD The World Competitiveness Yearbook 2002.

Corporate Tax Rate

Source: Federal Department of Finance EFD 2004