4 Dimensions.
Covering all angles - creating the perfect framework for your company.

Many factors influence the success of a company. One of these factors is the workplace, and companies as well as their employees make ever greater demands of the workplace. The D4 Business Village Luzern takes these increased demands into account with its  “4 Dimensions“  and provides the best conditions for successful work.

1. Modular Space - A Modular and representative space that fulfills all requirements.

The D4 Business Village Luzern offers a modular, prestigious space, which meets all of today’s – and tomorrow’s – business requirements. The modular space on offer ranges from shells through manufacturing facilities to completely finished rental spaces.

Look around the D4 Business Village Luzern and discover its many amenities.

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“Office à la carte” offers fully furnished offices allowing you and your employees to “plug in and work”. Modern, prestigious conference and function rooms are available for your meetings and events. You can also take advantage of the cuttingedge technical infrastructure and an in-house catering service. D4 meets all the requirements of a successful, forward-thinking business centre.

2. Service Excellence - A large selection of services catered to your needs is available.

Every company has to take care of a wide range of daily administrative tasks, all of which are time-consuming. A competent team of specialists at D4 Business Village Luzern takes care of your daily business routines and processes, so you can concentrate fully on your core business. A large selection of services catered to your needs – ranging from basic to comfort – are available, including switchboard, administrative and cleaning services.

3. Life Balance - The best preconditions for a healthy "work-life balance".

Only those who feel completely happy can perform to the best of their abilities at work over the long term. The D4 Business Village Luzern offers all the preconditions for a healthy worklife balance. A wide range of indoor and outdoor sports activities are on offer; there are spa facilities such as sauna and massage and a wide range of gastronomy facilities.

All of which make for an attitude to life that has a long-term effect on well-being and the ability to perform. A special plus in this regard is our proximity to green spaces, which is probably unique for a business centre of this size.

4. Professional Networking - You will find en Extensive network on site.

The interesting mix of tenants, combined with shared social spaces, creates an ideal environment for networking. With regular events and professional forums, D4 deliberately encourages contact, as well as the exchange of ideas, between tenants. This helps to create synergies and also supports cooperation between companies. At the D4 Business Village Luzern, you will find an extensive network on site.